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Reasearch and Development
of Grenera Organics

In the light of growing competition in the nature of value addition herbal products, research and development department opened by the organization in the year of 2008 has been tremendous value to organization not only to find new products that have a potential to become a product for the industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, natural oils, essential oils and organic spices but also it directs and drives organization to acquire latest technology available to the industry itself.

When organization moves forward to maturity stage, R&D division is so imperative to conduct a trial runs for the products that will serve the organization in future. With the introduction of the research and development, the general product portfolio has been increased in line with R&D efforts that are conducted. In addition organization has been able to increase product quality with support of R&D is one of the success stories that happened in recent years.

The general practice is that once the R&D department finds a new product then it will be sent to the potential buyers to test with their final formulas in relation to the cosmetics, food and beverages, natural oils, essential oils and organic spices food safety and the Kaizen for continuous improvement.